Environmental Industry

Wastewater treatment / Oxygenation of activated sludge tanks; to reduce space requirements and costs of the wastewater treatment plant, an increasing number of active sludge tanks is being created. The introduction of oxygen is extremely important for the purification of wastewater. Blowers to provide the required pressure for maximum performance of oxygen.

Biogas production; the biomass produced in activated sludge tanks and setting tanks stabilize in the digestion tower and are used to produce biogas. Thorough mixing of sludge increases performance and reduces the gas retention time in the reactor. During the process, the gas is extracted from the top of the digestion tower, compressed in the compressor and reintroduced through nozzles at the bottom.


Other applications:


1. Renewable energy and solar technology.


2. Air for wastewater plants treatment

3. Digestion gas compression

4. Ponds ventilation for prawns and pouring fish


5. Lamination of solar modules

6. Underground decontamination

7. Suction vehicles to clean wastewater

8. Evacuation systems

9. Drying system

10. Gas recirculation

11. Small plants of domestic and community wastewater

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