Plastic Industry

Machine manufacturing is closely linked to production and processing of plastics. Plastic manufacturers develop and produce optimized plastics for a range of purposes. From these, the processor makes high-quality products that are used in almost all industrial sectors, from automotive and telecommunications to food processing industry. Machine manufacturers are the technical link between production and processing. They produce the tools and machines that are needed to convert the raw material into a plastic sheet, an electrical cable or car bumpers.



1. Calibration


2. Free rotation contact of plastic film


3. Cooling and drying of extruded plastics


4. Degassing extruders


5. Degassing of rubber parts


6. Dryers


7. EPS foam


8. Generation of compressed air for welding plastic


9. Granule transport systems


10. Production of composite material

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Pressure pumps: Side channel blowers , Vacuum claw pumps
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