More than 40 years

We have been leaders in the distribution of vacuum and pressure technology for over 40 years.

Griñó Rotamik, founded as a family business, it introduced itself into the vacuum and low pressure fields, by marketing products manufactured under the Griñó Rotamik brand. Afterwards, always keeping its own product range, Griñó Rotamik started distributing the German brand Werie in Spain. Over the years the old Werie, later called Rietschle, merged with the Thomas brand - and years later - the Elmo-Rietschle brand was created. This merging arose from the companies Elmo (formerly Siemens) and Rietschle, which then became part of the large multinational company, Gardner Denver. This allowed Griñó Rotamik maintaining its leadership and all the extensive range of products for all applications of vacuum or low pressure requested by our customers.

Our product range includes vacuum pumps, blowers, compressors, vacuum / pressure pumps, unlubricated or oil lubricated machines designed according to the functioning principles: radial, side channel, rotary vane, lobe type roots, claw and dry screw types, as well as plants and vacuum systems.

With our wide range of products, we are able to provide the best solution for different applications.