Ceramic industry

In the production of bricks, tiles, porcelain and technical ceramics, a leading quality brand consists in a product free from air pockets. When produced, ceramics containing those pockets can be destroyed in the oven and, in extreme cases, may even cause the destruction of the whole lot. This quality defect often appears afterwards in bricks, during winter water penetrates into the pores of the surface and makes them blow up.




1. Air removing from the clay:
After loading the clay brick in the extruder, the vacuum is used to remove the air, avoiding the formation of air pockets and subsequent rupture of bricks. As for the clay brick, ceramic clay is first placed in a mixer and pressurized with water or steam to form a homogeneous mixture. It is then transferred to an extruder where it is located into the mold at high pressure. The material is then extruded to the correct length, injected and dried.

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